Understanding the Basic Online Blackjack Rules

With so many strategy guides out there emphasizing the complex nature of online blackjack, it can be easy for players new to the game to become intimidated. Thankfully, the game is actually not that complicated and with a simple understanding of the basic online blackjack rules, anyone can enjoy this incredibly popular casino game. Enjoy the best games the online gambling world can offer. Choose your favorite slots titles from the top developers and play for free by claiming a free spin promo.

Card Values

Because the main goal of online blackjack is to have a higher card value total than the dealer without going over 21, players need to understand how much each card is worth. All of the numerical cards from 2 to 10 have a value that is equal to their number. Jacks, Queens, and Kings are known as face cards, and they each have a value of ten. Aces can be tricky because they have two different values. If the overall value of the hand is low enough, the Ace is worth 11 points. If a value of 11 would push the value total over 21, the Ace can switch its value to just a single point.

The Actions

Players are always dealt two cards. Then, in order to get to 21, they have two basic actions. They can hit, which means they get another card. They can also stay or stand and wait for the dealer to go. Players have to make decisions based on what they know about the cards that have already been played and based on what the dealer shows. Hitting too many times can cause a player to get a hand total over 21, which causes the player to bust and lose the bet.

All the nuance of online blackjack comes in how players use these basic movies to beat the dealer and win the game. Other than that, it's all just math.