Filling Out the Online Keno Ticket

When playing keno there are basically only two steps the player has to complete. The bet must be placed, and the ticket has to be filled out properly. There are some small things players want to consider when filling out a keno ticket either online or off.

Physical Keno Ticket

When players purchase a physical keno ticket, they are given a number 2 pencil and a piece of paper with 80 different bubbles on it. As players select each of their numbers, they fill in the bubble for that corresponding number. If the player fails to bubble in the number completely, the keno machine will not be able to read the ticket and the player's bet may not be completely processed. If players want to change any of these numbers or fills in a wrong bubble, they will have to erase fully or may even have to start over with a brand new ticket.

Online Keno Tickets

Playing an online keno ticket is much easier. Players are given a large screen with all of the available numbers. Using the computer mouse, the player can click on and select each number he or she wants until the limit is reached. If the player changes his or her mind, the number can be deselected by simply clicking on it a second time. There is no worry that the ticket will be rejected or incomplete, because players are able to review their completed ticket before it is submitted to the game.

Online keno tickets are incredibly easy to fill out making the game even easier to win. Players don't need to keep track of winning numbers as they are counted automatically, with any and all winnings deposited instantly into the player's account.